Dragon Pearl – TCM Anti-Snoring Trainer

Dragon Pearl Anti Snoring Training
Dragon Pearl Anti Snoring Training Dragon Pearl – TCM Anti-Snoring Trainer Dragon Pearl – TCM Anti-Snoring Trainer Dragon Pearl – TCM Anti-Snoring Trainer Dragon Pearl – TCM Anti-Snoring Trainer Dragon Pearl – TCM Anti-Snoring Trainer Dragon Pearl – TCM Anti-Snoring Trainer Dragon Pearl – TCM Anti-Snoring Trainer

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Dragon Pearl – TCM Anti-Snoring Trainer

  • Effective: Can help alleviate snoring and mild sleep apnea. Sustainably strengthens the muscles and tissue of mouth, palate, tongue and throat.
  • Innovative: In contrast to many other anti-snoring devices, it fights the cause of your snoring, not only the symptoms.
  • Easy and Sustainable: No need for special exercises or training! Acts overnight by stimulating the nerves and can quickly achieve long-lasting success – snore-free sleep without DragonPearl is already possible after 6-8 weeks of training.
  • Premium: Made in Germany from high-quality medical-grade synthetics, clinically tested. Comes with hygienic storage box. 

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Dragon Pearl is both simple and brilliant: The product is a small training device made of medical grade synthetics. One part of the device is a pearly ball, which is placed below your tongue overnight. While you are asleep, this pearl stimulates the nerves which lie underneath the tongue. These neural training impulses are transmitted via neural connections to the palatal- and pharyngeal tissue (which is responsible for snoring). Stimulated tissue can no longer obstruct the respiratory tract or vibrate when the mouth is open – these are major causes for tongue and mouth snoring.

Dragon Pearl cannot help against nasal snoring (snoring caused by poor nasal breathing). In such case, try a nasal dilator (for instance, somnipax breathe) instead.

Important Product Advice

DragonPearl may not be suitable for you, if you

  • have issues with your temporomandibular joint (TMJD),
  • have a very pronounced over- or underbite,
  • suffer from epilepsy or asthma, or
  • have poor nasal breathing.

In these cases, consult your doctor first before using Dragon Pearl.

How to Fit, Use and Clean

Lay Dragon Pearl with the pearl underneath the tongue – the side with two holes should face upwards. Afterwards, you either softly bite on the notch directly behind the ball or on the second notch of the bite-bar and simultaneously breathe quietly through the mouth and nose. As a precaution, you should lastly pull the safety cord over your head, so you cannot accidentally swallow the product at night. Wear DragonPearl throughout the night. Should it, at the beginning, bother you during sleep, use the device in the first couple of days for only about 15-20 minutes before going to sleep and remove it afterwards. This allows your mouth to get used to Dragon Pearl.
DragonPearl is delivered in two different sizes: For the first training session, which lasts approximately 4 weeks, use DragonPearl L and subsequently, exercise with the DragonPearl M for another two to four weeks.
After each application, clean the DragonPearl with a mouth rinse or a suitable denture cleaner, such as Curaprox or BONYplus tabs. Do not rinse with too hot liquid – the device is made of heat-sensitive material and does not tolerate more than 80°C (176°F). You can download the Dragon Pearl insert here.

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