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Mandibular Advancement Device Somnipax Guard

  • All-rounder: f you are unsure which mandibular advancement device is right for you, then the all-rounder, Somnipax Guard, is the best choice for you! Somnipax Guard covers most jaw sizes, is very easy to fit and has a robust design.
  • Application: Somnipax Guard is an effective aid for positional snoring (snoring when sleeping on one’s back) and the mild to moderate sleep apnoea that results due to this sleeping position. Somnipax Guard gently pushes the lower jaw forward (mandibular advancement), preventing the tongue from sliding down the back of the throat and thus opens the airways. Ensures snore-free nights.
  • High Individual Comfort: Simple, repeatable adaptation to the teeth by heating it up in a water bath. Has 6 different mandibular advancement settings (from an average of +3 mm to approx. 10 mm). The level of mandibular advancement is adjusted via tensioning straps (the shorter the strap, the greater the mandibular advancement).
  • Equipment: In addition to the upper and lower mouthpiece, it contains two sets of tensioning straps (for the mandibular advancement). The first set is for daily use, the second is intended as a replacement (if one of the straps wears out, unexpectedly). Includes a thermometer for water bath temperature and ventilated plastic box for hygienic storage.


Prevent nightly snoring with the Somnipax Guard Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD)! The highly flexible MAD gently pushes your lower jaw forward and prevents your tongue from sliding down the back of your throat. The mandibular advancement device keeps your airways free and open. The cause, so-called tongue-based snoring, can thus be prevented. You can determine the required level of mandibular advancement yourself using the set of tensioning straps to adjust the mandibular advancement device according to your specific needs (do you stop snoring, is the pulling sensation too much, perhaps you need to swap the band for a shorter or a longer one). Thanks to the individual adjustment and the design, the Somnipax Guard fits optimally in the mouth and does not disturb you, even at night. Replacement tensioning straps can be ordered from the shop at any time


Technical data

  • Length of the mandibular advancement device (measured from rear to front): 4.6 cm; width of MAD: 6 cm; height of the individual MAD: max. 1.4 cm; width of the ridge covering the teeth: max. 1.7 cm.
  • 6 mandibular advancement settings (through tensioning straps); standard settings: +3 mm, +5 mm, +6 mm, +7.5 mm, +9 mm, +10.5 mm. Actual value may vary slightly depending on your dentition.
  • Life expectancy: average 18-24 months (significantly lower durability in case of teeth grinding / bruxism).


Application/ Restrictions

Snoring has many different causes. Depending on the cause, a special anti-snoring device can help. Snorers often use nasal spreaders or nasal plasters first. However, these products only help if a poor air supply through the nose is the cause of snoring. If these products do not help, your snoring has a different cause, it is possibly caused by a narrowed airway in the throat area. The Somnipax Guard prevents this constriction by pulling your lower jaw forward, slightly and thus maintaining the tone of the throat muscles.

Mandibular advancement devices can also be combined well with other types of therapeutic aids. If your snoring occurs predominantly in the supine position (i.e. when lying on your back), we recommend you compliment your MAD with a device for positional therapy (anti-snoring backpack, anti-snoring T-shirt etc.). Since the constricted airways do not only occur in the supine position, a mandibular advancement device can also be used.
Another cause of snoring could be vibrating tissue in the palate. Due to difficult nasal breathing, the mouth is opened unconsciously. In this case you should try a, so-called, anti-snoring mouthpiece such as Somnipax Shield.

Important Product Advice

If you have never used a mandibular advancement device before, you will need between 2 and 3 weeks to get used to it. The Somnipax Guard may not be suitable for you if you have

  • have a protruding lower jaw (mandible) or a large overbite,
  • if you suffer from jaw pain, loose teeth, serious gum or temporomandibular joint (jaw joint) disease or other jaw problems,
  • have chronic asthma or epilepsy,
  • wear braces, have artificial teeth, bridges or problems with the upper or lower front teeth,
  • under the age of 18.

If one or more of these cases apply to you, please ask your dentist or contact us before purchasing.

Instructions for use

The adjustment of the mandibular advancement device takes place at your home through just a few simple steps: First, heat the water to the optimum temperature using the included thermometer. Then place the upper mouthpiece in the water bath for two minutes. Remove the mandibular advancement device, remove any hot water and press the mouthpiece firmly against your upper teeth (the material is not hot). Repeat the same procedure with the lower mouthpiece. Once the two parts have been fitted to your teeth, you can affix and individually adjust the tensioning straps in the next step – the shorter the strap, the greater the extent of the mandibular adjustment (the further forward the lower jaw is moved).

The mandibular advancement device can be kept clean with mild soap and lukewarm water. The mandibular advancement device can also be cleaned with a little mouthwash and a toothbrush. For an optimal cleaning we recommend special cleaning tablets or gels (BONYplus tablets or Curaprox cleaner). Never use toothpaste or denture cleaner, as the ingredients can damage the surface of the mandibular advancement device.

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