SomniShop Set Silence 100: Mouth Guard somnipax shield and Nasal Dilator somnipax breathe

SilenceSomniShop-Set Silence 100-Anti-Snoring-Mouth-Guards-Somnipax-Nasal Dilator
SilenceSomniShop-Set Silence 100-Anti-Snoring-Mouth-Guards-Somnipax-Nasal Dilator Mouth Guard somnipax shield (for Mouth Snoring) Mouth Guard somnipax shield (for Mouth Snoring) Nasal Dilator somnipax breathe Mouth Guard somnipax shield (for Mouth Snoring) Nose Clip somnipax pure

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SomniShop Set Silence 100: Mouth Guard somnipax shield and Nasal Dilator somnipax breathe

  • Effective:: Great combination for stopping mouth snoring and improving your nasal breathing. Nasal dilator perfect for cardio training or endurance sports.
  • How to Use: Mouth guard can be conveniently fitted to your dentition. Subsequently, it is placed between the lips and teeth, and the nasal dilator is simply inserted into the nose. The mouth guard poses no choking hazard risk and in the case you are short of breath, you simply spit out the device.
  • Great Comfort: Both products focus on slim design and simplicity. Made of thin, flexible and medical-grade synthetics so you can really enjoy wearing them!
  • Convenient: Both products come each with a storage box, somnipax shield also with temperature measuring strips for an easy fitting process.

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The gracile design of the somnipax shield anti-snore mouthpiece (SomniShop Silence 100 Set) prevents you from breathing through the mouth as you sleep. Which would otherwise lead to the occurrence of snoring. The somnipax’s form is similar to that of a boxer’s gum shield. It is placed in the oral vestibule between the lips and the surface of the front teeth without being attached to the teeth itself. Because the mouthpiece can be individually adjusted at home to match your teeth, the somnipax shield barely restricts the tongue and the oral cavity, thus allowing for a pleasant wearing comfort. Moreover, due to the fact that the somnipax shield is individually adjusted to your jaw there is no risk of accidentally breathing in the mouthpiece or even swallowing it during sleep.

Our set also includes the comfortable somnipax breathe which caters for clear nasal respiration. This will be very important if you want to have a snore-free night. somnipax breathe is very comfortable to wear, because its soft material (medical-grade plastic) allows it to perfectly adapt to the individual shape of nose. It gently widens the nasal wings from the inside, therefore making it easier for you to breathe through the nose. somnipax breathe can be used safely compared to nasal sprays or nose drops, the device causes no adverse reactions or dependency. somnipax breathe is made of elastic and supple medical-grade plastic. It is transparent and doesn’t attract attention. All corners and edges are rounded off and the filters nicely enclosed, thus avoiding irritations to the mucous membranes. Unlike nasal strips, which are supposed to reduce the snoring, somnipax breathe is reusable and gentle to the skin. The nasal dilator can also be cleaned very easily with water.

Treat yourself to relaxing sleep with the help of the SomniShop Silence Set 100.

Important Product Advice

SomniShop Silence 100 may not be suitable for you, if you

  • wear braces or removable dentures in the mouth or jaw region,
  • suffer from acute inflammation or injuries in the mouth or dental area,
  • have an asymmetrical nose,
  • suffer from sleep apnea.

In these cases, please contact us or consult with a physician before you buy.

Keep somnipax breathe out of reach of small children due to choking hazard.

How to Fit, Use and Clean

Fitting the somnipax shield mouth guard is simple and only takes a few minutes. Dip the mouthpiece in warm water for a few seconds until the thin material can be easily deformed. Bite cautiously on somnipax shield’s plate. So that the mouthpiece rests on the outside of your teeth and then close your lips. Pressing the lips and your tongue firmly eventually allows you to optimally fit the mouthpiece to your teeth. Pressure points that may be disturbing can be corrected by reiterating the fitting process. Easily and conveniently clean the somnipax anti-snore mouthpiece with cold water before and after each usage. For further details on fitting somnipax shield, please download the insert here.

Somnipax breathe does not need to be fitted. You can download the somnipax breathe insert here.


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