Neti Pot Yogi’s NoseBuddy (Nasal Irrigation)

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Neti Pot Yogi’s NoseBuddy
Neti Pot Yogi’s NoseBuddy Neti Pot Yogi’s NoseBuddy Neti Pot Yogi’s NoseBuddy Neti Pot Yogi’s NoseBuddy Neti Pot Yogi’s NoseBuddy Neti Pot Yogi’s NoseBuddy
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Neti Pot Yogi’s NoseBuddy (Nasal Irrigation)

  • Effective: Against nasal snoring, pollen, allergies, colds, swollen or dry mucous membranes. Powerful nasal rinse, as the neti pot can hold 500 ml (16.9 fl. oz) saline solution and has a large nozzle hole.
  • Soothing: The salt water has a relaxing effect and helps to reduce swelling and to dissolve excess mucus that interferes with clear nasal respiration. Thanks to its unique shape it is also very easy to handle.
  • Inexpensive: No high-priced special salts or solutions from a pharmacist necessary. You can easily mix a perfectly isotonic solution with NoseBuddy: Just add sea salt or kosher salt with the measuring spoon to the neti pot and fill it with water up to the marking.
  • Easy to clean: Device is made of dishwasher-safe medical-grade synthetic material.
  • Included in the delivery: Neti pot Yogi’s NoseBuddy (vol. 0.5l / 16.9 fl. oz), measuring spoon, directions for use.
  • Watch a short video on how to use this product.

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The very effective, easy to handle, robust neti pot Yogi’s NoseBuddy cleans the nose gently, but yet thoroughly and moistens it. Developed in Sweden (Scandinavian school for yoga and meditation), it removes dust, pollen and dirt and soothes swollen mucosae. When you use the nasal rinse on a regular basis, it will make breathing through the nose easier. This not only helps with nasal snoring but also with colds and pollen allergies. Moreover, the nasal irrigation relaxes the whole forehead and the area around the eyes.

The dishwasher-safe nasal rinse is made of hypoallergenic medical-grade synthetics. You don’t even need expensive special salts or solutions for your Yogy’s NoseBuddy. You can blend the isotonic saline solution very easily with the the spoon that is delivered with the product, a bit of cooking salt and tap water.

Important Product Advice

Do not use the neti pot Yogi’s NoseBuddy, if

  • you suffer from an acute inflammation of the nasal vestibule,
  • the interior of your nose is injured,
  • your nose is affected by strong bleeding or if it bleed heavily recently.

If you are particularly at risk for illnesses, during the first days after a surgical procedure for example, you should preferably use aseptic or boiled water or an aseptic, isotonic saline solution that is available at your local pharmacy. The same is true if the tap water quality is poor (hot climate, strongly chlorinated).

How to Use

Fill the measuring spoon with regular table salt (without added iodine or fluoride) and add it to the neti pot. The salt should contain as little release or pouring agents as possible, as they may damage the mucous membranes. If your nose is clogged up or if your mucous membranes are swollen, you can also add more salt – it withdraws fluid from the mucosae, thus making the swelling subside.

Afterwards, fill the nasal rinse with lukewarm tap water until it reaches the marking. Use the measuring spoon to stir the water until the salt has dissolved completely. Now position the nozzle of the Yogi’s NoseBuddy at one of the nostrils, breathe through the mouth and slightly tilt your head over a sink, such that the other nostril, that is still free, lies deeper. The water flows through the nostril and out again through the other one. That way you should use up half of the salt water. Clean your nose carefully and switch nostrils – repeat the procedure with the other nostril. The neti pot should be cleaned thoroughly after each application. Every now and then you should also put it in a dishwasher to clean and disinfect it.

Download the NoseBuddy insert here.

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1 review for Neti Pot Yogi’s NoseBuddy (Nasal Irrigation)

  1. 5 out of 5

    I use this nasal shower regularly. I'm getting through the pollen season pretty well. I can recommend this to anyone who must cope with a congested nose in the spring / summer. I use the nasal shower mainly in the evening. The nosebuddy looks like you have to get used to it. But in the end it does its job more than well.

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  2. 5 out of 5

    I bought the nosebuddy for my daughter (8 years) and it is the only nasal shower she really uses regularly - without help. Fast shipping, good product.

    Was this review helpful to you? 1 of 1 people found this review helpful

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