Replacement Bands for SomnoFit-S Snoring Mouthpiece

Replacement bands for snoring mouthpiece Somnofit-S
Replacement bands for snoring mouthpiece Somnofit-S Replacement Bands for SomnoFit-S

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Replacement Bands for SomnoFit-S Snoring Mouthpiece

  • Set of replacement bands for your Somnofit-S snoring mouthpiece.
  • Set contains 8 replacement bands, one for each length.
  • Only suitable for SomnoFit-S, not for SomnoFit.

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Somnofit-S clears the airways by gently moving forward the lower jaw. This prevents tongue snoring. The degree of mandibular advancement can be calibrated with 8 bands each of which has a different length – the shorter the band, the stronger is the mandibular advancement. If one of the bands should break, you won’t have to spend a lot of money on a completely new mouthpiece: Replacement bands for the snoring mouthpiece can be purchased separately. The set contains 8 bands, one for each length. The advancement ranges from 0 mm (band 1) to approx. 12 mm (band 8) on average. The bands are marked with numbers (from 1 to 8).


Mandibular Advancement Levels: +0 mm / +3 mm / +4.5 mm / +6 mm / +7.5 mm / +9 mm / +10.5 mm / +12 mm (the actual value may deviate somewhat depending on the individual’s dentition)

How to Use

We recommend using band 4 when wearing SomnoFit-S the first time. The average mandibular advancement is around 6 mm. After a few nights, calibrate the advancement, if necessary: If you notice that there is too much pressure on the teeth, then you should consider using a band that is less strong in moving forward the lower jaw (e.g., band 3). In case your snoring is not stopped by using SomnoFit-S with band 4, use a stronger band (e.g., band 5).

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