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SomnoFit snoring mouth guard
SomnoFit snoring mouth guard Snoring Mouth Guard SomnoFit Snoring Mouth Guard SomnoFit Snoring Mouth Guard SomnoFit Snoring Mouth Guard SomnoFit Snoring Mouth Guard SomnoFit Snoring Mouth Guard SomnoFit Replacement bands Snoring Mouth Guard SomnoFit

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  • Highly Effective: Against tongue-based snoring (i.e. you only snore while you sleep on your back) and position-dependent mild to moderate sleep apnoea. Suitable for normal to large jaw. Important: Use for treatment of sleep apnea only after consultation with physician (for instance, your ENT or pneumologist).
  • How to Use: It is worn in the mouth overnight. It keeps your airway clear by gently moving your lower jaw (mandible) and, therefore, your tongue base forward (mandibular advancement), this allows the air to circulate freely during your sleep and prevents your tongue from partially blocking the back of your throat. The extent of mandibular advancement ranges between +3mm and 10,5mm (on average) and occurs in 6 stages. These stages calibrated by the length of band used (6 bands of different lengths included).
  • Great Comfort: Highly flexible snoring mouth guard which can be individually fitted to your teeth (through warming up the device in a water bath and taking a custom impression of your teeth). Fitting can be repeated multiple times and provides optimal wearing comfort. Nonirritating design.
  • Made in Switzerland: Manufactured from super-smooth, top-quality medical-grade synthetics, free of plasticizers. Product includes: Thermometer and bite fork for optimal fitting process, ventilated blue storage box.
  • Approved: This device is cleared by the FDA and CE-certified in the EU.

Recommendations: Mandibular Advancement Devices (MAD) are recommended by the NHS for snoring caused by the tongue partially blocking the back of the throat.

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How to choose the right anti-snoring device

Snoring may have very different causes and there is no device that covers all possible snoring causes (don’t be fooled by those who claim otherwise!). Here’s a short guideline on how to choose the right anti-snoring device for your specific type of snoring.

  • If you snore because you cannot get enough air through your nose (i.e. you are a nasal snorer), try a nasal dilator such as somnipax breathe or our oxyhero pull nasal strips.
  • If you only snore while you sleep on the back (i.e. you are a tongue-based snorer), then SomnoFit is the right device for you. If you also snore while you sleep on the side, then chances are low that SomnoFit will help you.
  • If you only snore when your mouth is open (i.e. you are a mouth-based snorer), then you should consider the somnipax shield mouth guard (for mouth snoring). somnipax shield blocks mouth breathing and, therefore, stops mouth snoring effectively.

Still unsure? Then take our anti-snoring test or send us and e-mail. We are happy to help!
You could also consult the NHS website or your doctor.


  • Total length of snoring mouth guard (measured from the back to the front): 1.8″ (4.6 cm); total width of mouth guard: 2.36″ (6 cm); total height of mouth guard: max. 0.55″ (1.4 cm)
  • 6 mandibular advancement levels +3 mm, +5 mm, +6 mm, +7.5 mm, +9 mm +10.5 mm advancement (the actual value may deviate from the standard depending on the patient’s jaw)
  • Lifespan: 18 – 24 months on average. Bruxism (teeth grinding) can reduces SnorBan‘s lifespan significantly.

Size indication

The SomnoFit is suitable for normal to large sized jaws. If you are unsure whether the mandibular advancement device fits your jaw, we have a tip for you: Cut a square out of a thicker, clean cardboard box, just big enough to fit in your mouth and cover your teeth. Put the piece of cardboard in your mouth and bite hard on it once. Your jaw impression should now be clearly visible on the cardboard. You can now measure the length and width of your jaw impression with a ruler. Then compare these measurements with the width and length of the mandibular advancement device that we specified in the “Technical data” section. The length and width of the MAD should be at least 1 mm greater than the length and width of your jaw impression. If this is the case, then it is suitable for your jaw size.

Important Product Advice

Initially, the snoring mouth guard may feel uncomfortable in your mouth. Usually, it takes about two to three weeks to get accustomed to the device and no longer perceive SomnoFit as a foreign body.

Somnofit may not be suitable for you, if you

  • have a protruding jaw or severe overbite,
  • suffer from pain in the jaw, loose teeth, a serious gum- or temporomandibular joint disease or other jaw issues,
  • wear braces or a removable denture or have problems with the upper or lower front teeth,
  • suffer from chronic asthma or epilepsy,
  • are under the age of 18.

If one or more of these cases apply to you, please contact us or consult your dentist before you buy.

If you suspect that you suffer from sleep apnoea, please buy and use this device only after consulting with a physician (for instance, your ENT).

Fitting & Cleaning Instructions

Only a few simple steps are required for fitting SomnoFit to your teeth: Place the piece of the snoring mouth guard that is intended for the upper jaw in a water bath. Increase heat until the ideal temperature has been reached (for measurement there is a thermometer included). Leave the device in the hot water bath for two minutes. Afterwards, place the snoring mouth guard onto the upper dental arch and press on it firmly (Even after the water bath the material is not too hot for that). Repeat the procedure with the piece intended for the lower jaw. Then you can attach one of the bands to both parts of the snoring mouth guard in order to calibrate the advancement appropriately – the shorter the band, the stronger the advancement. Download the full SomnoFit insert here.

You can clean the Mandibular Advancement Device with mild soap and lukewarm water. Alternatively, add a little bit of mouthwash to a cup and use a toothbrush to clean the device in the solution. After maximum one minute , take the snoring mouthpiece out of the solution again and rinse with water. To achieve optimal cleaning results, you can also use special cleaning tablets or gels (e. g. BONYplus tabs or the Curaprox-cleaner). Do not use toothpaste or regular denture cleaners, the ingredients may damage the surface of the snoring mouthpiece.
In the case of a severe overbite, it may be that the bands which are included are not long enough. But there is a simple solution to this, which we outlined for you here (“How to use the SomnoFit in case of a severe overbite”).


SomniShop 30-day return policy

Regardless of your statutory right to cancel your order or return the product, you can return any product bought on SomniShop within 30 days of receiving the product as long as the product is complete, unused and undamaged. Products that are sealed for hygienic purposes (‘personal hygiene products’) can only be returned if the packaging seal has not been broken. You can find further details on our 30 day money back guarantee in our Terms and Conditions.

Customer reviews

Rated 4.4444444444444 out of 5 stars
9 reviews

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1 review for Snoring Mouth Guard SomnoFit

  1. 5 out of 5

    Since my puberty, I suffer more and more from snoring and I always feel tired. After my appointment with an ENT doctor, he noticed that I could need a splint for my teeth, because of my strong teeth clenching during the nights. Of course unconsciously. The splint from the doctor did not show any results. Then I stumbled upon the Somnofit. It is maybe not very cheap, but I finally wanted a relaxing sleep, without snoring.

    Conclusion: after one week I could see a clear difference. I finally woke up relaxed and I did not snore anymore. Great product! I can just recommend it to everyone!

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  2. 5 out of 5

    The anti snoring splint, inclusive nose spreaders, was sent quickly and well packed.
    The scope of the delivery included:
    1 advisor (A5 booklet) with information about the different snoring types,
    one splint for your upper- and lower jaw,
    bands for the fixation of the splint,
    1 operating instruction,
    1 thermometer as well as
    3 nose spreaders in different sizes.

    Firstly, I read the booklet with the main topic snoring. It is explaining everything about the different snoring types and what you can do against them. It is very helpful.
    Subsequently I customized my splints. A very detailed description,which is explaining how you are going on during the customization, helped my to place the splints on my upper- and lower jaw.
    You are heating the splints one by one in a pot. The thermometer, which is part of the delivery, is showing the maximal scale, which temperature the water should have. Subsequently you are letting the splint for two more minutes in the hot water and adjust it afterwards to your upper- and lower jaw. Subsequently, you are putting it into cold water to consolidate its dentition. If your are not happy with the fitting (the imprints have to be seen very well), you have to repeat the process, without interrupting the property of the anti-snoring-device.

    Now you are connecting the splint with the bands on the easily visible marks. The flexible bands are in different lengths and should regulate the lower-jaw-feed.
    To accustomize myself to the splint, I wore it the first two days during the day, as well. It is very unusual to have a foreign body in your mouth but it is not uncomfortable.
    The first 5 nights, I could not use it continuously, I woke up after a few hours and had to get it out of my mouth. The distances get longer night by night and after 2 ½ weeks I passed the period of acclimatization and could sleep the whole night with the splint in my mouth. Also the restless sleep, which was caused because of my snoring, is gone.
    After the 3. night I used the recommended 6. band. The lower-jaw-feed was too much for me and in the morning I had aching muscles. The flexible band nr. 4,5 is my favorite one.
    In the morning I release the splints. Firstly the lower splint, because it is more easy to get it out, than the upper one. The upper splint is sitting stronger because of the vacuum under it. The vacuum-effect is desirable. It guarantees, that the splint on your upper jaw is sitting perfectly - if it would fit loosely, there would be the danger that the splints (if they are under pressure) would fall out of your mouth.

    I wake up more relaxed and not that tired. My wife also confirmed me, that I am not snoring anymore. Her sleep is more relaxed as well, because she is not waking up anymore.
    Summary to the 2-partly splint
    uncomplicated customization within a few minutes
    feed of the lower jaw from 3 to 10,5 mm,
    no usage of metallic components
    high-quality medical plastic
    strong dental adhesion

    I did not need the supplied nose spreader. The splint helped me very much and I am so happy to have it, I feel like a totally new person!!!!
    I tried for a long time, with different helping tools, also with anti snoring devices from other providers, to get rid of snoring or to reduce it. I just achieved success with the anti-snoring-splint Somnofit!!!

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  3. 4 out of 5

    I ordered the splint because I snore and grind my teeth. An individually adapted splint from the dentist is too expensive for me, so I decided to go with Somnofit.
    Scope of delivery: The product consists of a mouth splint for the maxilla and one for the mandible. In addition, there are connection bands of different lengths, as well as a thermometer to adjust the rail and a blue storage box - great if you want to take the rail with you on your travels. In addition, a short and easy-to-understand operating manual is included.
    When unpacking the tracks I was a little surprised how big they are. My attempt to get both of them in my mouth failed miserably and I wondered with my mouth open how I could sleep with it.
    BUT: I heated the upper splint in a pot with water according to the instructions in the manual and then adjusted it to the upper jaw. I did the same with the lower splint - it was easier for me. I noticed that I had to adjust the upper rail again, because I didn't press hard enough on the first try. The reheating and adjusting of the upper rail then ran better. But you really have to be careful with the temperature. Unfortunately, it was too hot and it was really uncomfortable with my heat-sensitive teeth. Finally, I put both rails in the cold water and after hardening, I connected them to the 6.-band.
    Compared to my previous splint (Somnolis) I have to say that a partially adapted splint is more comfortable to carry than a standard splint. Unfortunately Somnofit is too chunky for my mouth, despite the fitting. It would be great if there were different sizes for big mouth and small snouts (men's and women's sizes).
    There's not much to say about the nasal spreaders. The material is soft and comfortable to wear. Because of the different sizes, everyone should find the right size for themselves. I feel like I can breathe better through my nose.
    The combination of the splint and the nose spreaders is really great and helps me to sleep more "calmly".

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  4. 2 out of 5

    I tried the splint to test in advance, if it is useful to buy a customized splint from a dentist.
    Actually, my snoring quality raised and my bedmate was also satisfied.
    After a relatively short time I had to repeat the customization of the lower-jaw-splint because it did not fit anymore.
    The size was also problematic, because you can not close your mouth completely and due to that it is very dry in the next morning - instead you have a slobbery pillow…..
    But to get a first impression of the function and the sense of purpose it was really good.

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  5. 5 out of 5

    I am very satisfied with the product as a whole. I found the fitting relatively easy, but with the tapes a bit tricky. The trick is to clip the bands with an elongated hole parallel to the hook and THEN rotate them. I first tried to fumble in the tape across the hook, but it doesn't work. Well, it's easy when you've got it out. Just wanted to let you know.

    It's good to wear otherwise, after a few days it didn't bother me much more when sleeping.

    Was this review helpful to you? 4 of 4 people found this review helpful

Questions & Answers

  1. A

    Somnofit is a very high quality product, which can usually be adapted by the customer himself. No help from the dentist is needed. Of course, there may be special cases in which the dentist should make the adjustment - especially if there are severe malocclusions or large gaps in the tooth structure (i. e. many teeth are missing). The fact that you visit the dentist in these cases is, however, not a special feature of Somnofit but also applies to all other high-quality, thermoplastic assembly lines on the market.

    Even if one adds dental adjustment costs, Somnofit costs with 100-150 EUR significantly less than a dental manufactured anti-snoring splint, which costs approx. 500 EUR (entry-level model) up to 1000 EUR (for a high-quality model).

    However, a tailor-made track can not exclude the following risks: (i) it does not reduce the snoring or not significantly because it is not the appropriate remedy for the actual snoring cause (snoring can have many different causes have: see also our overview of snoring causes); (ii) that the patient does not come to terms with the feeling of a foreign body in the mouth even after the adaptation period.