BDC 190 Snoring Mouthpiece Cleaning Set

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BDC 190 Snoring Mouthpiece Cleaning Set


To clean your mouthpiece you only need the products of the snoring mouthpiece cleaning set. It will help facilitate the cleaning of the snoring mouthpiece and the teeth in the long term.

CURAPROX BDC 100 – 60 ml Daily Cleaning Gel: This cleaning gel can be used daily to gently clean your anti-snoring mouthpiece. This enables you to clean the plaque off the mouthpiece hygienically. Without affecting the medical grade plastic and making it brittle.

CURAPROX BDC 105 – 100 ml Weekly Concentrated Cleaning Solution: This cleaning bath is used for weekly intensive care of your splint. The product has a purely biological effect and does not contain any aggressive substances that can lead to unpleasant oral irritations.

CURAPROX Cleaning Box: The handy three-part box is perfectly suited for weekly intensive cleaning of your snoring mouthpiece with CURAPROX BDC 105 Cleaning Concentrate. Thanks to precisely fitting dimensions, the box guarantees that you use the optimum amount of cleaning concentrate. You can use the cleaning set for different models of mouthpieces.

CURAPROX Cleaning Brush for Snoring Mouthpieces: The brush is ideally used in combination with CURAPROX BDC 100 Cleaning Gel. The brushes consist of two brush heads: the strong bristle field for cleaning the large accessible areas and the Omega Spiral Brush for reaching all nooks and crannies of the inner surfaces of the mouthpiece.

CS 5460 Ultra Soft Toothbrush: This toothbrush is characterised by its soft CUREN® bristles, which are gentle on the gums and teeth, but remove stubborn plaque optimally.

Application/Restrictions of use

Reinigungsprodukte für Schnarchschienen, Anti-Schnarchmundstücke und -trainingsgeräte.

Instructions for use

BDC 100 Cleaning Gel: Clean your snoring mouthpiece daily with the gel and rinse it afterwards with lukewarm water. The CURAPROX cleaning brush is ideal for this type of cleaning.

BDC 105 Concentrated Cleaning Solution: Dilute the concentrate with water as indicated on the packaging and soak your snoring mouthpiece in it. Apply the bath weekly. You can use the cleaning box for this.

Cleaning Box: Open the box and fill it until the removable strainer / rinsing basket is covered. Place your mouthpiece in the box and fill it with lukewarm water. Close the box and leave the mouthpiece in it for at least 6 hours.

Cleaning Brush: Ideally use the cleaning brush with the cleaning gel. Distribute 3-4 drops of the gel with the bristle field on your mouthpiece. Allow the gel to soak for a few seconds an then thoroughly clean all accessible surfaces with the brush. After extensive cleaning, rinse your snoring mouthpiece with clear water.

Toothbrush: The toothbrush is used for cleaning your teeth several times a day.

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