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Anti Schnarch Schiene Somnofit
Anti Schnarch Schiene Somnofit Snoring Mouthpiece SomnoFit-S Snoring Mouthpiece SomnoFit-S Snoring Mouthpiece SomnoFit-S Snoring Mouthpiece SomnoFit-S Snoring Mouthpiece SomnoFit-S Snoring Mouthpiece SomnoFit-S Replacement Bands Snoring Mouthpiece SomnoFit-S Snoring Mouthpiece SomnoFit-S

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  • Highly Effective: The SomnoFit-S is highly effective against snoring caused by the tongue partially blocking the back of the throat (tongue-based snoring) and Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA). OSA occurs as a result of reduced muscle tone of the tongue and throat muscles, which causes them to relax too much, narrowing and blocking the airway whilst sleeping, especially when sleeping on the back. The SomnoFit-S is suitable for people with small to medium size jawbones. Important: If you suffer from sleep apnoea, please consult your physician (e.g. ENT or Pulmonary specialist) before purchasing the SomnoFit-S.
  • How to Use: It is worn in the mouth overnight. It keeps your airway clear by gently moving your lower jaw (mandible) and, therefore, your tongue base forward (mandibular advancement), this allows the air to circulate freely during your sleep and prevents your tongue from partially blocking the back of your throat. The extent of mandibular advancement ranges between +0mm and 12mm (on average) and occurs in 8 stages. These stages calibrated by the length of band used (8 bands of different lengths included). Allows for free lateral movement.
  • Great Comfort: Highly flexible snoring mouth guard which can be individually fitted to your teeth (through warming up the device in a water bath and taking a custom impression of your teeth). Fitting can be repeated multiple times and provides optimal wearing comfort. Nonirritating design. Considerably flatter than the predecessor model SomnoFit, thanks to its ultra-flat and elegant design, therefore even better wearing comfort.
  • High-End: Made in Switzerland from solid, high-quality, medical-grade synthetics, free of plasticizers. Included in the delivery: Thermometer and bite fork for fitting process, ventilated, blue box storage box.

Recommendations: Mandibular Advancement Devices (MAD) are recommended by the NHS for snoring caused by the tongue partially blocking the back of the throat.

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How to choose the right anti-snoring device

Snoring may have very different causes and there is no device that covers all possible snoring causes (don’t be fooled by those who claim otherwise!). Here’s a short guideline on how to choose the right anti-snoring device for your specific type of snoring.

  • If you snore because you cannot get enough air through your nose (i.e. you are a nasal snorer), try a nasal dilator such as somnipax breathe or our oxyhero pull nasal strips.
  • If you only snore while you sleep on the back (i.e. you are a tongue-based snorer), then SomnoFit-S is the right device for you. If you also snore while you sleep on the side, then chances are low that SomnoFit-S will help you.
  • If you only snore when your mouth is open (i.e. you are a mouth-based snorer), then you should consider the somnipax shield mouth guard (for mouth snoring). somnipax shield blocks mouth breathing and, therefore, stops mouth snoring effectively.

Still unsure? Then take our anti-snoring test or send us and e-mail. We are happy to help!
You could also consult the NHS website or your doctor.


  • Total length of snoring mouthpiece (measured from back to the front): 1.8” (4.6 cm)
  • Total width: 2.3” (5.8 cm), width of the ridge covering the teeth: max. 0.6” (1.5 cm)
  • Height: max. 0.5” (1.2 cm)
  • 8 mandibular advancement levels: +0 mm / +3 mm / +6 mm / +7.5 mm / +9 mm / +10.5 mm / + 12 mm (the actual value may deviate from the standard depending on the patient’s jaw)
  • Lifespan: 18 – 24 months on average. Bruxism (teeth grinding) can reduce the durability significantly.
  • Product contents: 2 snoring mouthpiece parts, 8 bands, ventilated storage box, floating thermometer, bite fork

Size indication

The SomnoFit-S is suitable for small to medium sized jaws. If you are unsure whether the mandibular advancement device fits your jaw, we have a tip for you: Cut a square out of a thicker, clean cardboard box, just big enough to fit in your mouth and cover your teeth. Put the piece of cardboard in your mouth and bite hard on it once. Your jaw impression should now be clearly visible on the cardboard. You can now measure the length and width of your jaw impression with a ruler. Then compare these measurements with the width and length of the mandibular advancement device that we specified in the “Technical data” section. The length and width of the MAD should be at least 1 mm greater than the length and width of your jaw impression. If this is the case, then it is suitable for your jaw size.

Important Product Advice

Initially, the snoring mouthpiece may feel uncomfortable in your mouth. Usually, it takes about two to three weeks to get accustomed to the device and no longer perceive SomnoFit-S as a foreign body.

SomnoFit-S may not be suitable for you, if you

  • have a protruding jaw or large overbite,
  • suffer from pain in the jaw, loose teeth, a serious gum- or temporomandibular joint disease or other jaw issues,
  • wear braces or a removable dental prosthesis, have dentures or dental bridges or have problems with the upper and lower front teeth,
  • suffer from chronic asthma or epilepsy,
  • are under the age of 18.

If one or more of these cases apply to you, please contact us or consult your dentist before you buy.

If you suspect that you suffer from sleep apnoea, please buy and use this device only after consulting with a physician (for instance, your ENT).

Fitting & Cleaning Instructions

Adjustment can be made in several easy steps: Heat up a water bath and wait until the ideal temperature has been reached (thermometer included for measuring the temperature). Afterwards, immerse the upper jaw part of the snoring mouthpiece into the hot water bath and then use the bite fork to take it out again. Place it onto the upper teeth and press firmly (the material won’t be too hot for fitting after you took it out of the water bath). Repeat the procedure with the lower jaw piece . Once this is done, take one of the advancement bands and attach it to both parts of SomnoFit-S. This allows you to adjust the advancement properly – the shorter the band, the stronger the advance. Please follow the directions, which you will find in the enclosed instruction manual.

At night, simply place the snoring mouthpiece in your mouth. There the device will displace your mandible forward, thus preventing a constriction or even blockage of the respiratory tract – one of the main causes of snoring.

You can clean the Mandibular Advancement Device with mild soap and lukewarm water. Alternatively, add a little bit of mouthwash to a cup and use a toothbrush to clean the device in the solution. After maximum one minute , take the snoring mouthpiece out of the solution again and rinse with water. To achieve optimal cleaning results, you can also use special cleaning tablets or gels (e. g. BONYplus tabs or the Curaprox-cleaner). Do not use toothpaste or regular denture cleaners, the ingredients may damage the surface of the snoring mouthpiece.
Download the Somnofit S manual here.

SomniShop 30-day return policy

Regardless of your statutory right to cancel your order or return the product, you can return any product bought on SomniShop within 30 days of receiving the product as long as the product is complete, unused and undamaged. Products that are sealed for hygienic purposes (‘personal hygiene products’) can only be returned if the packaging seal has not been broken. You can find further details on our 30 day money back guarantee in our Terms and Conditions.

Customer reviews

Rated 4.6666666666667 out of 5 stars
15 reviews

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1 review for Snoring Mouthpiece SomnoFit-S

  1. 5 out of 5

    It worksFirst of all it arrived promptly and on the day stated. The instructions are easy to follow and there is a handy thermometer enclosed to make sure you heat to the exact temperature and a bite guard to protect the device as you fit it to your teeth.
    The product and accessories all seem to be made from high quality materials.
    Initially it looks as though the mouthguard is quite small and possibly too small, even for a small female. However, it will stretch when warmed to fit around teeth. It is the fact that it is so small that it is comfortable to wear.
    On night one I used the suggested strap for tightness, but this was not effective in preventing snoring. This was not unexpected as you need to adjust to fit your mouth/jaw.
    On night two I selected a different strap, and immediately even before I went to sleep I could tell it would work. I could breathe better and it felt surprisingly comfortable. Mind you, I am used to a less comfortable, larger mouthguard.
    Snoring stopped completely on night 2. I woke up feeling as though I had slept really well for the first time in ages. The mouthguard was not at all uncomfortable and my teeth didn't hurt.
    If you've never worn a mouthguard before you might feel some discomfort the first few times. But persevere because this will settle down.
    I am very, very pleased with this product and can highly recommend it.

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  2. 5 out of 5

    SomnoFit-S Snoring-Guard - the solution for every snorer
    Thanks to the SomnoFit Anti-Snore-Guard, I found a solution for my snoring. This sound like an advertising slogan but how I can reword it? Although it is true!

    I hate to say it, but I belong to the female snorers. For some years now, probably with increasing age and weight, I snore at night. On nights when I sleep alone, it doesn't matter. But when you're next to me, it's not so funny anymore. Especially if you have a light sleep anyway. But I noticed, that the more I talk about my snoring “problems”, the more snorers I meet… even female!

    For whom is the SomoFit-S suitable?
    The SomnoFit-S is suitable for people who already tried everything to get rid of their snoring. Of course, the SomnoFit-S Splint is also suitable for everyone who did not try everything. In this case, you are lucky to come across my contribution about the anti-snoring-splint.

    I myself have countless ENT-visits behind me. The doctor could not say if my snoring is caused by my nose or my throat. Precautionary we made a test if I suffer from sleep apnea, which was luckily not the case. I bought a nose spreader, tried cortisone-nose sprays, let me built an anti-snoring Splint by a dentist and tried as much as possible to sleep on the side. In the past, I was a passionate stomach sleeper. Meanwhile, I am sleeping mainly on my back because my neck support pillow does not support another position. This is not an advantage for my snoring.

    Die Somnofit Anti-Schnarchschiene ist nicht ganz billig, aber doch erschwinglich.
    When I consider how quickly I spend a lot of money on new clothes, food or excursions, it should be worthwhile for me to invest the money for a Somnofit anti-snoring splint. After I've often thrown money out of the window senselessly, it doesn't matter one time more or less. So I thought in case it was no good!

    How is the Somnofit anti-snoring splint made ready for first use?

    The package from Somnofit with its many small parts shocked me a little bit at first, but I quickly realized that reading the manual carefully is all self-explanatory.
    The scope of the delivery includes a two-part anti-snoring-guide for your upper and lower jaw. It starts by putting both parts into cold water. Then you are heating the water and put the thermometer into it. The water is getting heated until you reach the marking on your thermometer. Now you are taking the Splint for your upper jaw and place it centrical on your upper teeth-denture. To increase the pressure and to make the adjustment perfect, the SomnoFit-S is supplying a bite-fork, which you are placing supportive on your upper jaw. Almost like at the dentist? After two minutes, the splint for your upper jaw is ready to use.
    Now you have to take the Splint for your lower jaw out of the water and you have to place it on the marking. Now you have to clench your teeth and after two minutes the Splint is totally customized to your teeth.

    I was a little worried about whether this would all work out and was pretty excited. Fortunately, it is possible to heat the rail several times and repeat the process. But that was not necessary. And I'm sure you'll be able to handle it, if necessary.

    What is the purpose of the bands in the different sizes?
    The upper- and the lower jaw stick together, just by the bands which are part of the scope of the delivery. There are 8 different bands, which are marked by numbers. At first glance, I thought, they were all the same, which was not true. They have different lengths and cause jaw feeds from 0 to 12 mm.

    With the application of the band, you push your lower jaw to the front and open your airways. SomnoFit-S is recommending for the acclimatization period, to try the band number 4. It is pushing your jaw 6mm forward. But when I inserted the band, it nearly dislocated my jaw. I think everyone has to find a band which fits your personal needs. In the first night, I did not want to feel a strong tension in my jaw. So I decided to try band No. 2. It fitted with its 3,0mm significantly better. At the beginning, you should not exaggerate. You already have a foreign body in your mouth and it should preferably not hurt.

    Apparently, you will reduce your snoring even more, if you are going to use a band with a higher number. With the band number 8, you already have a feed from 12 mm, which is more than enough. As long as you can determine that a band with a lower number can already reduce your snoring, you can use it instead. If your snoring does not stop or does not reduce, you should think about using little by little a tighter band.

    My first night with the SomnoFit-S Splint:
    I already have a snoring app on my iPad, which is recording my snoring at night. Unfortunately, I am, more or less, snoring every night. But it is never gone.

    During my first night with the SomnoFit-S Anti-Snoring-Guard, I was very excited, while I was opening the app and also curious about the result. The splint did not disturb me but it was still strange to have it in my mouth. I woke up very often and occasionally stood awake really long. You just have to become familiar with it, but I already knew this feeling from my nose spreaders and my older Splints. The first night is, no matter which helping tool you use, not the biggest bummer.

    In the morning I was looking forward to the app's evaluation. I had hoped that the Somnofit splint would reduce my snoring, which didn't happen. On the contrary! The Somnofit anti-snoring splint not only reduced my snoring, it was completely gone. The few, not particularly high rashes in the recording were so negligible that I could have almost saved myself the trouble of listening to these few minutes. Nevertheless, I listened in briefly and noticed that in the minutes when little was recorded, it wasn't my snoring that was recorded, but my restless turning around in bed. Sometimes a very deep breath was heard that had nothing to do with snoring.

    To be honest, I can not believe it. Did I really found a solution for my snoring with the SomnoFit-S Snoring Guard?

    My second night with the Somnofit Ani snoring splint
    After the use of the tape with 3.00 mm jaw advancement in the first night already brought such an enormous success, I was in the second night exuberant and inserted the tape with the number 1. This does not lead to jaw advancement at all. The snoring was much less than on all other nights before, but it didn't give a great result like the first night with the band number 2, so I tested the following nights again with the band number 2 and 3,00 mm jaw feed.

    I'm really giving you a tip that you start with a very small number. If your snoring is gone or reduced to such an extent that you are already overjoyed, there is no reason to use a band with a stronger jaw extension. I am not quite sure what the splint does to the jaw over the years. You wear them only at night, but you put the jaw into an unusual position. I think everyone has to think for themselves where the lesser evil lies.

    The proof:
    I use the app "Snore Lab" to record my snoring behavior. You can see the visual evaluation on my blog "Blogspotqueen". You can see here what my snoring behavior looked like before using the Somnofit anti-snoring splint. I had snored for 2:33 hours in the night without a splint and my snoring score, as they call it, was 18.

    On the second graphic on my blog you can see my snoring behaviour since using the Somnofit splint. My snoring score is now 1 and my snoring time is 18 minutes.

    What makes up the "noise" in the recording is often simply a very deep breath, turning around in bed or sometimes a cough. I am thrilled! Even if the rashes were pure snoring, I could live with this value very well. In the meantime I have recorded some nights and the result is always similar.

    The SomnoFit-S Anti-Snoring-Guard completely convinced me. I have every night the same success. There are different Splints available on Somnishop. I personally bought the SomnoFit-S because it is flatter than its predecessor model SomnoFit. Thus you can wear it after 1-2 acclimatization nights very comfortable.

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  3. 5 out of 5

    I am snoring as long as I can remember and I am tired in the morning very often as if I had stayed up the whole night. I found this Splint by chance and get curious and my wife also said, that I should try it. I have already tried several things and so I decided to order it. After three days it already arrived. I unpacked it immediately and was already thrilled by its look, it has a high-tech look and everything is very cleanly produced. A very high quality and all the stuff which is inside. All the individual parts as well as the thermometer, the plastic strips, and the Splints. The SomnoFit-S Splint consists of three parts:
    One Splint for the lower- and the upper jaw and bands in different thicknesses and sizes.
    The setup of the Splint took nearly 30 minutes. The creation of the imprints is relatively simple, I just needed 2 trials, so it was very easy. I made it step by step how it was described in the instruction. The wearing comfort is in the first instance a little bit strange, but this vanishes as the time goes by. I am wearing it now since one week and my wife says, that my snoring is getting less and I am also not that tired anymore in the morning.
    So we are both thrilled by the SomnoFit-S Snoring Guard, it is a total success, and it is worth the money.
    I can not say anything negative about this product.
    Due to the processing, I am going to use it for a long time.
    It can not get better.

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  4. 5 out of 5

    I had the idea to order such a Splint, because of my girlfriend. She complained very often because of my snoring and was furthermore worried because I had breathing cessation while I was sleeping. ( I did not realize it by myself)
    I ordered it and after 1-2 workdays, it already arrived.
    It was packed very well and the package seemed very stable and of high quality as soon as I opened it.
    At the beginning, I was slightly challenged by all the individual parts as well as the thermometer, the plastic strips, the Splints, and so on…
    However, the feeling disappeared very soon with the help of the instruction.
    The advocation and the setup of the Splint took nearly 20 minutes and were very easy. I did it step by step how it was described in the instructions and everything worked for the first time.

    I tested the Splint
    1. with the help of an App which was recording my “snoring behavior”, by recording every voice as soon as I start it.
    And 2. Of course with my girlfriend…
    In the first few nights, I had to get used to it, because your lower jaw is getting positioned in front of your upper jaw. This ensures that your airways can open better.
    What I did not expect, is that the Splint is completely tasteless. You do not have any plastic or chemical taste in your mouth.

    With the help of the app, I could exactly determine, that my snoring has been reduced!!
    It is totally helping.
    My girlfriend is also saying that I can sleep calmer and that the sleep apnea is practically gone.
    Furthermore, she is saying that I do not breath that loud anymore while I am laying on my back.

    My girlfriend and I would recommend this Splint to everyone.
    We are to 100% satisfied.

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  5. 5 out of 5

    Very good product. I am very satisfied. The adjustment is, with the given Youtube-Video, very easy, thank you for the hint.

    Was this review helpful to you? 1 of 1 people found this review helpful

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