somnipax CPAP pro against Mouth Leaks

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somnipax CPAP pro against Mouth Leaks
somnipax CPAP pro against Mouth Leaks Mouth Guard somnipax shield (for Mouth Snoring) Mouth Guard somnipax shield (for Mouth Snoring)

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somnipax CPAP pro against Mouth Leaks

  • Effective: Mouthpiece against mouth leak of nose (cushioned) masks in CPAP therapy. In many cases, it allows you to switch from full face mask to nasal (padded) mask.
  • Application: Quick and easy adaptation in a water bath to your teeth, daily insertion of the mouthpiece before going to bed. Prevents air leak through the mouth when CPAP ventilation is through the nose. Helps maintain excess pressure in the airways and keep the airways clear.
  • Comfortable design: Targeted, simple construction and reduced to the essentials, made of thin, flexible material – offers the greatest possible freedom in the mouth and a pleasant, soft feel.
  • High safety: The size of the mouthpiece prevents swallowing. If breathing difficulties occur during sleep, somnipax CPAP pro is simply spat out. With overpressure protection. Free of BPA and plasticizers.
  • Included in delivery: Mouthpiece, temperature measuring strip, high quality box for storage.

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The graceful somnipax CPAP pro mouthpiece will finally let you sleep peacefully again! By individual adaptation to your teeth, it reliably covers the mouth opening and thus prevents the mouth leaks of nasal cushion masks. It allows patients suffering from oral leak to switch from the full-face mask to a significantly more comfortable nasal cushion mask.

somnipax CPAP pro is inserted overnight into the mouth and fixed to the upper jaw. Thanks to its thin material and special shape, it offers you the greatest possible freedom from the lower jaw, lips and tongue. If your mouth opens in your sleep, the mouthpiece prevents air from escaping from your mouth. Improve your quality of life with the CPAP pro mouthpiece somnipax!

Restrictions on use

The somnipax CPAP pro mouthpiece efficiently prevents nightly mouth leak by reliably covering the mouth opening.
The mouthpiece also helps against mouth snoring: If you breathe at night with your mouth open, the palatal tissue begins to vibrate. These vibrations produce the typical snoring noise. Since somnipax CPAP pro covers the mouth, you can’t breathe through the mouth – snoring is avoided.

The somnipax CPAP pro mouthpiece in the video

Important Product Advice

somnipax CPAP pro may not be suitable for you if:

  • wearing braces or removable denture in the mouth or jaw area,
  • generally have nasal breathing problems,
  • or suffer from acute inflammations or injuries in the mouth or dental area.

How to Fit, Use and Clean

You can adjust the mouthpiece to your jaw before using it for the first time. Immerse somnipax CPAP pro in warm water for a few seconds – until the material is easy to shape. Carefully bite the plate of the mouthpiece. The mouthpiece itself should rest on the outside of your teeth. Close the lips and press lips and tongue firmly against the mouthpiece. This enables you to achieve optimum adaptation to your dentition.
Somnipax CPAP is applied daily during sleeping. Clean the mouthpiece briefly with cold water and place between the lips and front teeth. After use, rinse it again briefly.

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1 review for somnipax CPAP pro against Mouth Leaks

  1. 5 out of 5

    I need a CPAP device for the therapy of apnea, but I was not satisfied with the available face masks, because they have some disadvantages, slippage, discomfort, pressure points, headaches, etc. etc.

    I am very satisfied with a nosepad mask, which is very comfortable to wear, but it is also very slim and ideal for me as a side sleeper. Unfortunately, I had to realize that I obviously have a mouth leakage, because the CPAP therapy was not successful in the beginning. I tried some things until I came to the following solution:

    With the Somnipax CPAP PRO, in conjunction with a chin strap, I have now permanently eliminated the problem of mouth leakage. The CPAP therapy was successful within a very short time!

    The Somnipax is easy and uncomplicated to use and adapt, and if properly fitted, it is very comfortable to wear.

    Conclusion: Even if the price is the first thing to discourage, the solution is very well thought out, this has to be rewarded, for the above described application, the Somnipax is simply away optimal and highly recommended!

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  1. A

    Hi, Thank you very much for your question. The mouthpiece has a thin bridge in the middle on which the lips rest. The rounded, lip-shaped parts of the mouthpiece are placed outside the mouth and do not disturb a nasal mask. On the contrary, they are generally well compatible.

    I hope we were able to help you.

    Kind regards,
    Your SomniShop Team