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somnipax guard S

#9 Best Seller in Snoring Mouthpieces

  • High-end solution: When you are looking for comfort and multiple adjustment options, then somnipax guard S is the right choice for you! somnipax guard S shines above its competitors through its impressive ultra-flat design, minimal amount of material in the mouth and its sophisticated 8-setting mandibular advancement system (via tensioning bands).
  • Application: somnipax guard S is a very effective aid for position-related snoring (when you sleep on your back) and the resultant mild to moderate sleep apnea. The lower jaw is gently pushed forward and the airways opened. This ensures snore free, quiet nights. Suitable for small to medium jaws, please refer to the sizing information below.
  • Great comfort: Very simple, repeated adaptation to the teeth by warming it up in a water bath. Has 8 different advancement settings (from an average of 0 mm to approx. 12 mm). The advancement settings are adjusted via tensioning bands (the shorter the band, the greater the mandibular advancement).
  • Equipment: In addition to the two-part mandibular advancement device (MAD), you receive two sets of tensioning bands (for the mandibular advancement). The first set is for daily use, the second set is intended as a replacement for the first (in case one of the bands wears out unexpectedly). Also included is a bite fork and thermometer for easy adjustment and a ventilated plastic box for hygienic storage.
  • 30-Day Trial Period: You can test this snoring mouthpiece for 30 days and convince yourself of its advantages. If, however, contrary to our expectations, you are not satisfied with the product. It’s no problem, you can also return the used(!) mouthpiece within 30 days.
  • Watch a short video on how to use this product.

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The design is even flatter than its predecessor! The somnipax guard S Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD) is a premium product and effective snoring solution. Made in Switzerland from high-quality medical-grade plastic, the MAD opens the airway in your throat by gently moving your lower jaw forward. You can decide for yourself how far forward you wish to move your lower jaw- by means of the 8 tensioning bands of different lengths with which you can adjust the MAD. Thanks to the ultra-flat design and the individual adjustment, the MAD fits optimally in the mouth and does not obstruct you in any way at night.
You can reorder the tensioning bands in our shop as a replacement set.
If your teeth have been ground down (e.g. due to grinding your teeth at night), then somnipax guard S may be too flat for a firm fit. In this case, the manufacturer offers a special version of the MAD with more filling material. To find out if you need this option, ask your doctor or contact our customer service department.


Technical data

  • Total width: 5.8 cm; width of the ridge covering the teeth: max. 1.5 cm
  • Total length (measured from back to front): 4.6 cm
  • Height: max. 1.2 cm
  • 8 advancement settings, standard values: +0 mm / +3 mm / +4.5 mm / +6 mm / +7.5 mm / +9 mm / +10.5 mm / +12 mm (the actual value may vary depending on your bite)
  • Life span: average 18-24 months (significantly shorter shelf life for bruxism)
  • Included in the delivery: an upper and lower mouthpiece, 8 tensioning bands, ventilated box, floating thermometer, bite fork

Size indication

The somnipax guard S is suitable for small to medium sized jaws. If you are unsure whether the mandibular advancement device fits your jaw, we have a tip for you:

Cut a square out of a clean, corrugated cardboard box, just big enough to fit in your mouth and cover your teeth. Put the piece of cardboard in your mouth and bite down hard on it once. An impression of your bite should clearly be visible on the cardboard. You can now determine the length and width of the size of your jaw by measuring the impression of your bite with a ruler. Then compare these measurements with the width and length of the mandibular advancement device that we specified in the “Technical data” section. The length and width of the MAD should be at least 1 mm greater than the length and width of the impression of your bite. If this is the case, then it is suitable for your jaw size.

Application/Restriction of use

Snoring can have different causes. Many products such as nasal dilators or plasters only help effectively if your snoring is caused by not getting enough air through your nose. If these products do not work for you, you may suffer from constricted airways in your throat, then the somnipax guard S may be the snoring solution for you.
Narrowed airways do not only occur in supine position (when lying on your back), but in any position. somnipax guard S can also stop this snoring. The mandibular advancement device is therefore also suitable for cases where positional therapy (e.g. a snoring T-shirt, an anti-snoring backpack or a special pillow) cannot help.
If your snoring is neither due to reduced nasal breathing nor to constricted airways in the throat area, the cause of snoring could be vibrating tissue in the palate. This occurs when you breathe with your mouth open at night. In this case you should consider the somnipax shield Anti-Snoring Mouth Guard instead of a mandibular advancement device. It is better suited to prevent vibrating tissue.

At night you simply insert the mandibular advancement device into your mouth. It pushes your lower jaw forward and thus prevents narrowed or even blocked airways in your throat area – one of the main causes of snoring.
You can clean your MAD with mild soap and lukewarm water. Alternatively, put some mouthwash in a cup and clean the MAD with a toothbrush in this solution. After one minute at the most, remove the MAD from the liquid and rinse it with clear water. For ideal cleaning, you can use special cleaning tablets or gels (such as BonyPlus tablets or Curaprox cleaners). Never use toothpaste or normal denture cleaners for cleaning! The ingredients can damage the surface of the device.

SomniShop 30-day return policy

Our basic package - Voluntary 30-day right of return

For all your purchases with us our general 30-day right of return applies. This means that you can return the product to us within 30 days of receipt of the goods, provided that the goods are complete and in the same condition as they were upon receipt. Please note that in the case of a personal hygiene product (such as our anti-snoring mouthpieces), the right of return is no longer valid if the sterile packaging has been removed or damaged after delivery.

Our extra package - A fee-based the optional 30-day trial option

You can also purchase the product with a 30-day trial option. With the 30-day trial option, we also take the product back if the sterile packaging has been removed after delivery or if the product has already been used or damaged. We will then refund you the full purchase price minus the stated costs for the extended 30-day trial option. Important: If you have purchased the product with a 30-day trial option and you return it to us within 30 days (after receipt of the goods) with the sterile packaging intact, complete and in the same condition as on receipt, then you will receive the full purchase price - without any deduction - back. In this case the return will be made according to our general 30-day right of return policy. Your statutory revocation and warranty rights are not restricted by our voluntary 30-day right of return. Further details on the 30-day trial option can be found in our General Terms and Conditions.

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