SomnoShirt Standard with Rigid Foam Roll

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SomnoShirt Standard with Rigid Foam Roll

  • Effektive: Against snoring and mild positional sleep apnea caused by sleeping in the supine position (i.e. on the back). Inexpensive entry-level model, suitable for people of normal weight or those who are slightly overweight. If you are very overweight, you should choose the Nachtwaechter vest or the RLV-Vest.
  • Effect: Prevents you from sleeping in the supine position and thus eliminates the cause of snoring. If you turn onto your back, you will experience resistance because of the rigid foam roll – as a result you will turn back onto your side. SomnoShirt Standard produces a training effect through this. Often users do not have to wear the SomnoShirt all the time after a few weeks as they automatically start sleeping on their side as a result of the training effect.
  • Individual: The SomnoShirt is available in 6 different unisex sizes (S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL). Please see our size chart for more details.
  • Comfortable: T-shirt made of 100% pure cotton. Comfortable to wear.
  • Features: SomnoShirt Standard comes with a rigid foam roll (which is inserted into the T-shirt, no skin contact). Alternatively, there is also the SomnoShirt with an inflatable cushion (SomnoShirt Comfort) instead of the rigid foam roll.
  • Watch a short video on how to use this product.


Prevent snoring in supine position with the SomnoShirt Standard! Often snoring only occurs in the supine position. In this sleeping position, the lower jaw becomes slack, the tongue slides back into the throat and the airway is obstructed. The T-shirt prevents you from turning onto your back at all. The standard padding of rigid foam material, together with the shirt, are very light and therefore comfortable to wear at night.


Technical Data

T-Shirt Size Bust Back Length Sleeve Length
S 98 cm 72 cm 38 cm
M 104 cm 74 cm 38.5 cm
L 110 cm 76 cm 40 cm
XL 116 cm 77 cm 41.5 cm
2XL 124 cm 80 cm 44 cm
3XL 134 cm 82 cm 44.5 cm
  • Material T-Shirt: 100% Cotton
  • Material rigid foam roll: Polyethylene rigid foam


Application/Restriction of use

The SomnoShirt Standard is an optimal solution for people who snore only when they lie on their back. It helps you stay in a lateral (on your side) or prone (on your stomach) position at night. However, if you snore only with your mouth open, the snoring sounds are probably caused by vibrating palate tissue. Since this form of snoring occurs independent of position, the SomnoShirt will not help in these instances. In this case, you should use an anti-snoring mouthpiece such as the Somnipax Shield


Do not use the product if you suffer from spinal complaints, are convalescing after an intervertebral disc surgery, are suffering from positional vertigo or sleep apnea syndrome independent of position and the associated arousal reactions.

Instructions for use

When choosing the size of the SomnoShirt you should pay attention to our size chart. The shirt should fit close to the body and therefore it should not be ordered too large.
Insert the rigid foam roll into the opening provided on the T-shirt. Put the shirt on before going to bed. This should prevent you from sleeping on your back.
The T-shirt is machine washable – however the rigid foam roll should be removed before washing.

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