STAUDT Neck Band against Neck Pain and Headache

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STAUDT Neck Band against Neck Pain and Headache
STAUDT Neck Band against Neck Pain and Headache STAUDT Neck Band against Neck Pain and Headache STAUDT Neck Band against Neck Pain and Headache STAUDT Neck Band against Neck Pain and Headache STAUDT Neck Band against Neck Pain and Headache STAUDT Neck Band against Neck Pain and Headache STAUDT Neck Band against Neck Pain and Headache STAUDT Neck Band against Neck Pain and Headache STAUDT Neck Band against Neck Pain and Headache STAUDT Neck Band against Neck Pain and Headache STAUDT Neck Band against Neck Pain and Headache

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STAUDT Neck Band against Neck Pain and Headache

  • Effective: Against neck and shoulder pain, neck tension and neck problems. Worn at night – ideal addition to “classic” shoulder brace which is worn during the day.
  • Relieves Pain: The diamond-shaped mesh on the fabric’s inside uses your nightly sleep movements for highly effective massages of your skin, joints and muscles. Stimulates blood circulation and metabolism, relaxes muscles. This nightly massage effectively reduces joint and muscle pain.
  • Great to Wear: No sweating thanks to air permeable ventilation channels – sweat is transported away from the skin and through the fabric, fresh air is being brought to the skin.
  • Made in Austria: Hand-made premium product manufactured in Austria, patented fabric is produced in Bavaria, Germany.
  • Ideal addition: STAUDT Gel with its great combination of green-lipped mussel extract (can prevent joint aches) and anti-inflammatory herbal active ingredients (e.g., witch hazel, pine and eucalyptus). Helps alleviating joint and muscle pain.

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50% Less Joint Pain in Only Three Weeks!

The medical efficacy of STAUDT braces has already been proven in several observation studies of Austrian clinics, the latest being a 2017 observation study conducted by the Austrian Schallerbacherhof clinic:

The joint pain of ALL 50 participants of that study was reduced by more than 50% after only three weeks. 96% of the study participants found that STAUDT braces are very comfortable to wear and 86% of the participants were not disturbed by the braces when falling asleep.*

Thanks to its design and patented fabric, the STAUDT neck band is an excellent neck pain relief. It alleviates neck pain and is in many cases the answer to the question: How to cure neck pain? A great additional neck pain relief is the STAUDT gel – its combination of green-lipped mussel extract and herbal active ingredients prevents neck pain, neck tensions and neck problems.

*Observation Study lead by Dr. Renate Strasser, Medical Director, Schallerbacherhof Clinic, Bad Schallerbach (Austria), March 2017.


  • One size fits all
  • Neck size: 38 – 58 cm (~15”-22.8”) (use Velcro-tape for adjustment)
  • Height back side/front side: 6.5 cm / 12 cm (~2.6” / ~4.7”)

Here you can also download our detailed STAUDT sizing guide.

Important Product Advice

Do not use STAUDT braces if you

  • suffer from thrombosis,
  • have open wounds or an acute inflammation where the STAUDT brace should be applied.

STAUDT braces are not UV-resistant. Under UV radiation (e.g., from fluorescent lamps), the product color might change. These color changes neither influence the product performance nor are harmful to health.

How to Use and Clean

Put on the neck band before going to sleep and wear it overnight. You should not wear the neck band too tight, but rather loose so that it has enough wiggle room for its nightly massages. Take off the neck band in the morning. To prevent the fabric from becoming yellow, it is best to leave it in the closed packaging when you do not use it.

STAUDT braces are easy to clean and also machine-washable at up to 60°C (140°F, hot). They are also dryer-safe, nevertheless we recommend to air-dry them.

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2 reviews for STAUDT Neck Band against Neck Pain and Headache

  1. 5 out of 5

    STAUDT neck band and gel
    I was kindly chosen by the SomniShop as a product tester to test the STAUDT neck band and gel. Since my "problem zone" has always been the neck, including teeth grinding, I was particularly anxious to take this test. In addition, my husband was also able to test the neckband because he also has severe problems with his neck and the neck band is in a plain size. This is already a big plus.

    Application area and special features
    - effective help for neck pain, neck tension, tension related headaches, cervical syndrome
    - Effective through the combination of micro-massage and body heat
    - no sweating due to ventilation grooves with pumping effect

    Use of the STAUDT neck band
    The neck band is put on overnight for sleeping. Just wrap it around the neck and close it with a Velcro fastener. Since I seem to have a rather thin neck, it looks as if I wanted to wrap this band around my neck twice. The STAUDT neckband fits my husband perfectly. It would therefore be good if the neckband were a little shorter, so that it would fit women even better.

    The STAUDT neckband is very well made, no seams or Velcro fastener scratches in any place. The Mobitex®fabric is also very soft and very suitable for sleeping.

    The fine rib and route structure of the tissue allows the skin to breathe and causes a so-called "pumping effect", which is supposed to prevent sweating. Unfortunately, this is not quite true on summer nights, as I sweat during the nights when I was wearing the ribbon. But here I'm talking about a room temperature of about 25 degrees Celsius. At normal room temperature, it has shown its effect.

    The warmth is very good and the fine rib and diamond structure creates a massage effect. The neck is stretched and you don't "warp" so quickly while sleeping. At first it takes some getting used to, but the positive effect is already noticeable after the first wearing. The neck feels strengthened but relaxed at the same time.

    STAUDT Neck Strap: The Result
    I wouldn't want to miss the neck band again. I'm already looking forward to the colder season, because the warmth at night is really good. Tension and headaches get better and the neck feels stronger. What more could you ask for?

    Unfortunately, the teeth grinding could not be deterred by this and is still there. It would have been a nice side effect if the tape had also had its influence here. But you can't have everything ;)

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  2. 5 out of 5

    I got the opportunity to test a neck band from STAUDT.

    Since I often suffer from a tense neck, I was very happy about this test.

    What is a neck band and how to use it?
    The STAUDT neck band is designed for night use. That means that you dock it in the evening before going to bed and leave it for the night.
    It has a diamond and rib structure that optimally transfers heat to the muscle layers of the neck muscles. This is done by the so-called micro massage.

    How did it help?
    The application was of course very practical for me. During the day I couldn't do much with such a product, because my son is very tense. I was very comfortable with the night-time application - As an overnight neck massage.

    The putting on was easy, the neck strap turned over and close the Velcro fastener in the front. Do not tighten too tightly, otherwise the neckband will not be comfortable to wear and the micro-massage will not work.
    Loosely laid around the neck I slept quite simply and after a short time I noticed that the nuchal artery was comfortably warm. That was a really nice effect, because warmth always helps me best with my neck pains.
    In the morning I felt more relaxed. The neck band didn't interfere with sleeping either.

    My Conclusion
    In the long run, my tensions have already disappeared well. I feel more flexible in the neck area and the stabbing pain has decreased. Everything's loosened up a little.
    I was particularly impressed by the ease of use and good results.

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