Nose Clips Oxyhero Push – Pack of 3

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Nose Clips Oxyhero Push
Nose Clips Oxyhero Push Nose Clips Oxyhero Push Nose Clips Oxyhero Push Nose Clips Oxyhero Push Nose Clips Oxyhero Push Nose Clips Oxyhero Push Nose Clips Oxyhero Push Nose Clips Oxyhero Push Nose Clips Oxyhero Push Nose Clips Oxyhero Push Nose Clips Oxyhero Push Nose Clips Oxyhero Push Nose Clips Oxyhero Push Nose Clips Oxyhero Push Nose Clips Oxyhero Push Nose Clips Oxyhero Push
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Nose Clips Oxyhero Push – Pack of 3

  • Effective: Against poor nasal breathing and nasal snoring caused by it. Great for cardio training and endurance sport.
  • Best fit: With the nose clip’s innovative “dowel-system“, it caters for a secure fit – it won’t fall out ! The small strips on the side can be simply bent towards the nose and are inserted into the nostrils. Since these side strips bent gently outwards once they are pushed inside the nose, the clip will optimially hold itself in place therein. In case the strips bother you, you can simply cut them off.
  • Great Comfort: Oval, nose-friendly shape, rounded off edges and soft, flexible material provide for best wearing comfort. Because oxyhero push is small, lightweight and inconspicuous, it will not bother you during sleep!
  • Made in Germany: Manufactured from medically approved synthetic, latex- and BPA-free. Pack of 3 oxyhero push nose clips with storage box. Unlike nasal strips, reusable up to 3 months. CE-certified in the EU.
  • Watch a short video on how to use this product.

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Stop snoring with the oxyhero push nose clips! Snoring is often caused by poor nasal respiration. Not being able to breathe through the nose properly may on the one hand effect that turbulences arise in your nose which can lead to snoring noises. On the other hand, it could also happen that you unconsciously switch to mouth breathing which in turn lets the palate tissue vibrate (which we perceive as snoring noise). By using a nose clip it is very easy to get rid of the noise’s source. You simply have to insert it into your nose. Thanks to the “dowel-system”, the nose clips have a great firm fit and allow for more air flow through the nasal respiratory tract. You aren’t sure yet which size is most suitable for your nose? Choose our sample package, which includes oxyhero push in three different sizes, and then simply try it out!

Product / Snoring Cause Fit

When choosing an anti-snoring device, you should double-check whether the device really fits your snoring cause. Even the best device cannot help you if it does not address your snoring cause. Snoring may have very different causes and there is no device that covers all possible snoring causes (don’t be fooled by those who claim otherwise!). Here’s a short guideline for the right product / snoring cause fit:

  • If you snore because you cannot get enough air through your nose (i.e., you are a nasal snorer), then oxyhero push is indeed the right product to choose! But: If you snore although your nasal breathing is good, then chances are low that oxyhero push will help you. In this case you should consider some alternatives:
  • If you snore while you sleep on the back (i.e., you are a tongue snorer), then a snoring mouthpiece like SomnoFit might be the right device for you. In this case, also a position trainer like the Nachtwaechter sleeping vest can be a good choice. If you also snore while you sleep on the side, then these two product types are unlikely to help you.
  • If you only snore when your mouth is open (i.e., you are a mouth snorer), then you should consider the somnipax shield mouth guard (for mouth snoring). somnipax shield blocks mouth breathing and, therefore, stops mouth snoring effectively.

Still unsure? Then take our anti-snoring test or shot us an e-mail. We are happy to help!


  • Diameter Tube: Size S 0.2-0.4″ (0.5-1 cm), Size M 0.28-0.47″ (0.7-1,2 cm), Size L 0.35-0.55″ (0.9-1.4 cm);
  • Height Tube: Size S 0.4″ (1 cm), Size M 0.47″ (1.2 cm), Size L 0.55″ (1.4 cm);

Important Product Advice

Do not apply the oxyhero push if you have problems with insertion due to an asymmetrical nose / nasal septum deviation or because displaced or impaired nasal respiration was diagnosed. Moreover, the nasal dilator is not suitable for treating obstructive sleep apnea. In these cases, please consult an ENT-specialist or somnologist prior to use.

Keep oxyhero push out of reach of small children due to choking hazard.

How to Use and Clean

The nose clip comes in three different sizes. Try out which size fits best for you by gently inserting the nose clip into the nose. Inserting the nose clip is much easier if you take the tubes and the outer strips in your hand so that they face upwards toward the nose. Afterwards, gently push these small tubes and the outer strips into your nostrils. Once you no longer or only barely feel the nasal dilator, you have found the right size and inserted it correctly. After that, place the respective size into your nose before you go to sleep. Make this a daily habit. For further information, download the oxyhero push nasal dilator insert here.

After you wake up, remove oxyhero push by gently pulling at the connecting strip. Clean the nose clip with water and soap and subsequently store it in a dry place. You can safely use the nose clip up to three months, after that the material may become brittle.

SomniShop 30-day return policy

Regardless of your statutory right to cancel your order or return the product, you can return any product bought on SomniShop within 30 days of receiving the product as long as the product is complete, unused and undamaged. Products that are sealed for hygienic purposes (‘personal hygiene products’) can only be returned if the packaging seal has not been broken. You can find further details on our 30 day money back guarantee in our Terms and Conditions.

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1 review for Nose Clips Oxyhero Push – Pack of 3

  1. 5 out of 5

    The anti snoring splint, inclusive nose spreaders, was sent quickly and well packed.
    The scope of the delivery included:
    1 advisor (A5 booklet) with information about the different snoring types,
    one splint for your upper- and lower jaw,
    bands for the fixation of the splint,
    1 operating instruction,
    1 thermometer as well as
    3 nose spreaders in different sizes.

    Firstly, I read the booklet with the main topic snoring. It is explaining everything about the different snoring types and what you can do against them. It is very helpful.
    Subsequently I customized my splints. A very detailed description,which is explaining how you are going on during the customization, helped me to place the splints on my upper- and lower jaw.
    You are heating the splints one by one in a pot. The thermometer, which is part of the delivery, is showing the maximal scale, which temperature the water should have. Subsequently you are letting the splint for two more minutes in the hot water and adjust it afterwards to your upper- and lower jaw. Subsequently, you are putting it into cold water to consolidate its dentition. If your are not happy with the fitting (the imprints have to be seen very well), you have to repeat the process, without interrupting the property of the anti-snoring-device.

    Now you are connecting the splint with the bands on the easily visible marks. The flexible bands are in different lengths and should regulate the lower-jaw-feed.
    To accustomize myself to the splint, I wore it the first two days during the day, as well. It is very unusual to have a foreign body in your mouth but it is not uncomfortable.
    The first 5 nights, I could not use it continuously, I woke up after a few hours and had to get it out of my mouth. The distances get longer night by night and after 2 ½ weeks I passed the period of acclimatization and could sleep the whole night with the splint in my mouth. Also the restless sleep, which was caused because of my snoring, is gone.
    After the 3. night I used the recommended 6. band. The lower-jaw-feed was too much for me and in the morning I had aching muscles. The flexible band nr. 4,5 is my favorite one.
    In the morning I release the splints. Firstly the lower splint, because it is more easy to get it out, than the upper one. The upper splint is sitting stronger because of the vacuum under it. The vacuum-effect is desirable. It guarantees, that the splint on your upper jaw is sitting perfectly - if it would fit loosely, there would be the danger that the splints (if they are under pressure) would fall out of your mouth.

    I wake up more relaxed and not that tired. My wife also confirmed me, that I am not snoring anymore. Her sleep is more relaxed as well, because she is not waking up anymore.
    Summary to the 2-partly splint
    uncomplicated customization within a few minutes
    feed of the lower jaw from 3 to 10,5 mm,
    no usage of metallic components
    high-quality medical plastic
    strong dental adhesion

    I did not need the supplied nose spreader. The splint helped me very much and I am so happy to have it, I feel like a totally new person!!!!
    I tried for a long time, with different helping tools, also with anti snoring devices from other providers, to get rid of snoring or to reduce it. I just achieved success with the anti-snoring-splint Somnofit!!!

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  2. 5 out of 5

    Order, silence!

    After the first purchase of the ClipAir nose-spreader I have added the oxyhero push nose-spreader for my husband.
    Simply because I want to know whether absolute silence is possible. The ClipAir nose-spreader will help you to have a good night's sleep, but it still happens from time to time that you start sawing again. Once he's touched, he'll be quiet again. I am quite satisfied with the ClipAir nose-spreader.

    With the oxyhero push nose-spreader it behaves similarly. Only here he often comes back to snoring, but this is not as loud as it used to be without snoring. Which I find funny: I say quietly "rest" or "psst" to him and he stops immediately and he stays calm.
    The oxyhero push nose-spreader is good and it also provides more restful nights compared to the ClipAir nose-spreader. But here it happens quite often that he starts snoring again easily. If I catch him, he'll be quiet as soon as I can.

    My husband likes the way he handles and inserts the ClipAir nose-spreader better than the oxyhero push nose-spreader, where he has to fumble more until he gets it in his nose.
    Cleaning is also easier with the ClipAir nasal spreader.
    Our favorite is the ClipAir nose-spreader. However, since it can be completely different for everyone, it can be the oxyhero push nose-spreader for someone else. Even if there was only the oxyhero push nose-spreader, I would be satisfied with it. He also provides me with more relaxing nights.
    Therefore I can give a clear recommendation for buying here.

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  3. 5 out of 5

    The nasal dilator is a great tool. Comfortable to wear. Unfortunately, after a few days of cleaning under running water, there are already greyish discoloration. The three pack is also unfavorable, because unfortunately only one size fits. Therefore the price is too expensive!

    Was this review helpful to you? 1 of 1 people found this review helpful

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